Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October 1 is my mothers Birthday!

My mother was born in Munich Germany and came to the USA with her family in 1953.

She made the journey across the ocean on what she called a "Banana Boat"...she mentioned talking to a Japanese sailor on this boat...I think she said they kissed!!

I was born a few years later... I don't remember my mother being very affecianate. I suppose my father took up that role. He was my favorite parent. We had a special bond. Also, his parents lived downstairs from us and my grandmother treated me like a mother should. Always cooking wonderful things for me. I really did not like my mothers cooking except for a few dishes. Her meals always seemed bland...lacking something. Could that be love??
My grandparents were from Poland, so I was learning that language for awhile. But sadly I do not know it now. Just a few words.

When my German grandmother would visit they would start talking and I could not understand any of it....they were probably talking about my Polish grandmother. HA...My German grandmother was more worldly than my Polish grandmother. In fact, she even worked outside the home. Dressed smart and always laughed at my fathers jokes...even though I believe she thought he was never good enough for my mom.

Anyway, I thought I would post some pics of women from the 50's. In memory of that time long ago...

Family...you don't have to like em...but you have to LOVE EM!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome Fall

It's now Autumn...where did the Summer go to?? My Summer went way too fast...It seems that the older you get the faster time slips by... I haven't been in a writing mood of late...will try to step up the beat. Enjoy the change of season! Stock up on allergy meds...