Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BRING IT ON...2010

Now that we are finished with the hustle & bustle of the Christmas rush it is time to reflect over the year that we just managed to experience.
For some it will be one of the worst...for others one of the best.
I just want to wish everyone of my blog peeps the best for the upcoming New Year!
Make 2010 Matter...
I intend to see this year out with a Bang...good riddance to 2009...
Come on bring it on 2010, I'm ready for ya!!
Peace and Love to all!

Friday, December 11, 2009


This 55 is dedicated to the G-Man who had a rough week...Happy 6oth!

Mr. Boyle looked into the box of donuts and decided he had enough of this job.
Everyone made fun of the Donut Man...

Who would be here tomorrow?

Who would give you those extra sprinkles; the extra cream in your coffee?

OK, so now what?

Maybe...I'll be a Used Car Salesman?!

If you have a 55, used or new, post it and go see the G-man at Mr. Know-It-All and give him a good deal!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flash Friday 55 - "Boarded"

We stared out into the cold night.
Bars between our freedom.

The food was slop and all we drank was the warm water
to quench our thirst.

We longed for freedom. For the warmth of our bed.
The coziness of home.

It was so noisy here...
We shouted...Why did you Board us again?

Ok, so I'm leaving town again for a nice little get-away and I have to board my dogs!
What's a mother to do?

If you have a 55 of your own just let the gman know at Mr. Know-It-All first before you leave town too!