Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wordzzle Challenge Saturday

Uncle Henry
Uncle Henry won the Blakenship award posthumously last week.
It made the local papers and the evening news. Only our family knew that he should have won it years ago. The Dean of the College babbled on with the flagrant lies, as he was being interviewed.

Uncle Henry was a private man and he kept to himself mostly, but he always managed to work seven days a week. We loved our visits with him and he enjoyed our company. He had some quirky ways about him, for instance he would serve us cheese & crackers on a silver platter. But, he also kept us mesmerized with his exotic tales of all his worldly travels. He had pictures throughout his home which reflected on those travels. One in particular, was always an eye catcher. It was of himself, astride a camel, in front of a pyramid. He was a great collector and often would let us handle and play with certain artifacts. We especially liked the guns from his Civil War collection.

Uncle Henry also had great appreciation for music. He had a great fondness for the clarinet, although, he never had the time to learn to play any instrument. On special occasions, he would turn up the music and cook us a special meal via the microwave. For the longest time, he would tell us that he was on a long "absent without leave". We never knew what he meant by that nor did we care.

We just laughed and then we would tease him about his blue jeans. They were always baggy and did not fit him properly, but that did not bother him. He would just smile and turn to some other artifact and begin another tale. He told us we would miss him when he was gone. We thought he meant when he was on another one of his adventures.

Little did we know, he would have only a short time left to live, and we would never see him again.

Betty Sue always sugar coated her stories. If the thermometer said it was 70 degrees she would kick it up a notch to 72! She always added a bit extra to everything...even her sweet tea!

Betty Sue always loved it when the County Fair was in town. She especially had a secret fondness for watching those young boys on the tractor pull.

Betty Sue also loved the way the preacher, in the evangelical tent, could sway the crowd with his words and girations. She would have fantasies of traveling with this group to far off lands and spreading the good word.

Her husband Billy Bob knew Betty Sue lived in La-La Land and he saw right through her masquerade. He didn't care though, because he loved her dearly, even her sweet tea!

It was decided to give a posthumous award to the widow, Mrs. Dennis, for her husbands service to the company. Although, there was some flagrant misgivings upon doing so by certain members of the board, all the regular staff knew how hard Mr. Dennis worked. It was said he worked hard seven days a week. He did this to help keep the company afloat.

As the champagne flowed and the cheese and crackers were consumed, Mr. Billings presented the award to Mrs. Dennis. He then proceeded to talk about the history of the company and how the company was involved in preserving a great pyramid and how closer to home, they unearthed some very interesting Civil War artifacts.

Mrs. Dennis sat quietly and when Mr. Billings finished his speech and when she heard some piped in clarinet music playing over the loud speakers, she decided to leave. She said her goodbyes and while passing Mr. Billings, she heard him talking about some new project involving microwaves and space. More lies she thought. At that moment she would rather have been "absent without leave" or something to that effect. She was just tired and longed to be at home with her blue jeans on and drinking a glass of wine and just relaxing on the couch.

She thought, "why would anyone want to stay here and listen to anymore sugar-coated lies"? As she left the building a slight breeze took her by surprise. She thought her thermometer showed it to be warmer than what it felt like now. She was soon glad to be inside her warm car and more than ready to get home. She remembered something about a fair being in town, so she decided to take the longer route home. Her husband always loved the fair and especially the tractor pull event. She found it all a bit boring and was not fond of that evangelical preacher, who brought his whole group of followers into town, at the same time. She finally arrived at home and she suddenly realized she would no longer have to play masquerade anymore. She would start her new life at this very moment. She sighed, entered her kitchen, kicked off her shoes and proceeded to pour herself a large glass of wine.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Growing up across the river from New York City I had the pleasure of attending many "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parades". What a wonderful experience for any child, and although it was usually very cold, it didn't seem to bother us at all... especially when the big floats came into view.

Of course, there was always hot chocolate to buy and pretzels. Maybe a hot dog...but, we didn't want to spoil our appetites! I always loved the smell of the roasted chestnuts and just the whole atmosphere was fantastic!

Now a funny memory was when I brought my husband to visit NYC. It was his first time seeing the big parade in person. We didn't realize you had to get there really early...DAH!!

Anyway, we walked through Central Park and finally found the crowd and heard the music being played by the marching bands. But seeing anything was impossible...people were packed in like view to be had.

Then suddenly all the kids yelled "there's Santa"... and lo & behold the crowd began thinning out a bit. I yelled to my husband "come on there is an opening". Great we can finally see something!!

Only to find out that when Santa passes you by... that is the end of the parade! Double DAH!!, I haven't been to that parade in a LONG TIME!! And I'm a BLONDE!! Give me a gobble break here...

So here's my message to you all:

I hope you all don't have to fight the crowds; you can enjoy a hot cuppa and relax while the Bird is in the oven; and someone else fixes the fixins, and you get to watch the PARADE!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sat Wordzzle Challenge - mini -

He wore a down filled canary yellow parka and he was trying his damndest to stay warm. He still wished to catch a glimpse of that ole Grizzly Bear everyone was talking about in town.
He was hoping he wasn't going out of the frying pan into the fire when heard a loud sound behind him.
His finger was poised on the trigger just in case. He then heard a cough. He knew it was probably that simpleton cousin of his and sure enough, there he was coming up from behind. He was waving his arms and doing the Ministry of Crazy walks as the tree limbs hit him from left to right.

Sat. Wordzzle Challenge

Father Grimsley looked up from his sermon to see the organist getting ready to play.
That old pipe organ has seen the ravages of time, he thought.

Mr. Jenkins sat in the third row, and with his hand in pocket he fingered the lottery tickets.
He thought surely he was a winner this time.

As he listened to the angelic music play, he imagined himself floating away on a 5x5 raft, off some tropical island. He would leave behind his dull life at the book store and be far away from all those boxes of books that were waiting to be shelved.

Jimmy Markham thought only of last night as he fidgeted in his seat behind Mr. Jenkins. He remembered Julie's words so clearly..."Flattery will get you nowhere", she said. He didn't care, as he continued to do some yodelling of sweet nothings into her ear. He remembered how soft her pigtails felt against his face.

Suddenly he was jolted back to reality. Old Mrs. Scrimshaw held back her cackle... she accidently poked Jimmy in his arm with one of her sharpest knitting needles!

Friday, November 21, 2008


She was losin it...
She drank constantly
She became a semi-recluse and
somewhat paranoid.
She screened all calls...
She called only certain friends constantly
almost to the point of being a stalker!
She was gaining weight...
losing hair and biting her nails feverishly...
She stole from Peter to pay Paul

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Looking out the Window pic for Thursday

photo by Lulda Casadaga

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The last few nights I've had strange dreams...

I wonder if someone has put a spell on me?! Who do, you do, that voodoo...anyway, last night my dream had a message of sorts. Pertaining to a job and chickens!!

Don't ask...I just dream em! And no I am not going to work at the local choke & chicken joint! Maybe I've been seeing too many chicken receipes...or eating too much chicken. I don't know...Maybe I'm just a chicken shit!
OK, any one up for interpretations?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wordzzle Challenge Saturday

Tim was on the telephone waiting for his hypocrite brother-in-law to answer.

Tim gazed out the window and spied the squirrel with his acorn running back to his little palace in the tree to get out of the rain.

After ten rings and no answer, Tim gave up. He picked up the biscuit and drank the rest of his fruit juice thus finishing his customary snack.

Now outside the rain fell hard as if it were a waterfall. His office felt stuffy, like canned air.
he turned on the radio and the Who was singing "Pinball Wizard". Tim was not amused.

Tim thought he would try his call again and reached for the phone.

The lava lamp fell over after being haphazardly placed on the night stand.
They both had buyers remorse over that lamp. We tried everything from soup to nuts to bring back the feelings of the '60's. Now all we had left was mildew memories!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Russian Front

The children were sent away to stay with relatives as the war raged on.

He was gone off fighting.

It was now Winter and she slept alone.

She awoke suddenly to the frigidness...
and his ghost standing there
at the foot of the bed!

She knew in an instant he died on the Russian Front.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flowers for the Mid-week

Shades of Purple for the middle of the week.

photos by: Lulda Casadaga

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Time to take a moment and remember the fallen heros. The men and women who helped protect and make this country what it is today. We salute you all....

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Reflective Pic for Monday

Great Salt Lake 11/06
photo by Lulda Casadaga

Friday, November 7, 2008


It was a crisp Autumn day as she held my hand.

She was telling me something I couldn't quite understand.

We walked toward the downtown stores, that much I knew.

We stopped in front of the window filled with shoes!

I will never forget it...

She bought me a pair of Black Patent Leather Shoes!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's OVER ...

Well, folks it's over...the historical event of our lifetime. Now we just have to wait and see what happens. Whew...tonight I'm going to bed early!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008


When I was a baby back in 1956 my dad took me to a political rally.
As he held me in his arms and the crowd was getting excited waving flags and cheering...along came the candidate.
Adali himself...
he walked up to us and kissed my baby face.

OK, so maybe I didn't bring him luck...he didn't win!
I just thought on the eve of another election I would share that special tidbit of info from a moment in my life...